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Discord Battle is a feature that allows 2 to 8 Discord players to compete in a randomly generated level to perform the best score. After each battle, the winner recieves the Battle Prize.

Participating in a Discord Battle

Join the discord battle channel:

  1. Join the Break The Targets Discord Community
  2. Find a player ready to play in the #battle-discord channel
  3. Once you have found an opponent, to generate a new Discord Battle type as a regular discord message:
!battle create

A bot will create a new battle and generate a Battle ID.

Within the game, navigate to the Discord Battle Mode and paste the generated Discord Battle ID. You'll join the battle lobby.

After the countdown, a random level will be shown to all players. If 50% or more of the participants decide to reroll, a different level will be shown. This continues until the majoity of players decline to reroll.

The battle is now started and each player pays the participation fee which the winner of the battle will recieve.

You can edit your lobby avatar by choosing any unlocked Card

Additionnal parameters

Additionnal parameters are available to create a Discord Battle

Generated a level from a seed (exemple: a previous ended battle):


Set the lobby countdown:

lobbytime <TIME IN SEC>

Set the battle countdown:

gametime <TIME IN SEC>

Set the [[Replay Coins] entry fee:


Exemple of a complete command:

!battle create gametime 600 RP 10000