Replay Coins

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Replay Coins are the currency used in the game to purchase additional content.

Earn Replay Coins

Replay Coins can be earned in the following ways:

• Playing the game[1]

• Purchased in the Shop (Android Only[2]).

• Winning a Discord Battle

• Selling duplicate cards

[1] At the end of each run, a small amount of RP (depending on the duration of the run and if the run was completed or failed) is given to the player.

Spend Replay Coins

Replay Coins can be spent in the following ways:

• Unlocking a Creator Replay

• Unlocking a Leaderboard Replay

• Unlocking a Game Mode

• Unlocking Level Editor's additional content (Android only[2])

• Participating in a Discord Battle

[2] These features are unlocked and included in the purchase price for PC.