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Game Modes are minigames separate from the classic, community and tribute pack levels.

Target Buster

Unlocked at Ranks#Bronze II rank.

Destroy as many targets as you can in 60 seconds. You have 10 Lasers and 5 Phantasms.

Cannon Mode

Unlocked at Ranks#Silver III rank.

How many targets can you catch before they touch the ground?

Powershield Mode

Unlocked at Ranks#Gold IV rank.

How many Powershields can you perform without getting hit? Press the Shield button at the right time to trigger a Powershield!

Running Buster

Unlocked at Ranks#Gold II rank.

How far can you go within 120 seconds? You have 5 Lasers and 5 Phantasms.


Unlocked at Ranks#Platinum III rank.

10 checkpoints are available through this very long and challenging level.


Unlocked at Ranks#Platinum I rank.

Stay alive as long as possible! Destroying a target gives additional time.


Levels unlocked based on player rank.

How fast can you hit the rocket ball into the goal in these 25 all new levels?


Costs 10,000 Replay Coins to unlock.

Sharpen your skills without any time limit in this giant laboratory. Experience low gravity, hyper-speed, Roboball and many other surprises!

Random Party

Costs 20,000 Replay Coins to unlock.

Complete as many micro levels as possible in 60 seconds!


Finish all 140 Classic Levels to unlock.

Complete all 140 Classic Levels consecutively in one, long marathon.

Tribute Pack Marathon

Finish all Tribute Pack levels to unlock.

Complete all 25 Tribute Pack levels consecutively in one, long marathon.

Discord Battle

Automatically unlocked.

Join the discord to challenge other players in a real-time speedrun race!