Level Editor

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A level editor is available after reaching Ranks#Platinum II rank.

Submit a level

To be submitted, a level must have the following requirements:

  • Creator name
  • Level Name
  • A recorded replay for each enabled characters
  • At least one Target item
  • A player spawn

Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows only)

Instant Try: Enter


  • Switch Grid: G
  • Zoom In: Mouse Wheel Up / +
  • Zoom Out: Mouse Wheel Down / -
  • Move: Left / Up / Down / Right


  • Spawn Object: N
  • Clone Object: C
  • Add Path Point: P
  • Lock Path: L
  • Delete: Delete
  • Move: Left / Up / Down / Right

Custom image in Editor view (Windows only)

To put an custom image in the background of the editor, go to your save folder (/Users/<User Name>/AppData/Local/BreakTheTargets), and save the your image (PNG) as "editor.png".

The picture will now be displayed at the center of the editor.

To edit the properties of the displayed picture, create a new "editor.conf" file.

Copy paste and edit these settings to the desired values:

customImageX = 3000
customImageY = 3000
customImageAngle = 0
customImageAlpha = 0.3
customImageScale = 6