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Welcome to the Break The Targets Wiki !

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. Break the Targets is a unique time-trial platformer game with simple controls featuring hundreds of levels and multiples Leaderboards for competitive placing.

Platform: Windows - Android - Linux Developper: Qual Release Date: April 2016


  • 140 Increasingly challenging levels to be completed under 30 seconds
  • 25 SSBM Tribute Stages with online leaderboards
  • 2 Characters with unique properties, attacks, and unlockable special attacks
  • TOP 500 Leaderboard available ingame for each level
  • Clean, responsive controls as well as beautiful visual elements
  • Play against yourself, the Author, or against a Leaderboard Ghost with the Replay Ghost feature
  • Share a replay with your friends or spectate amazing replays from the community
  • Custom Layout Editor and gamepad support
  • Level Editor - Create and share levels with the community

Multiples bonus gamemodes are also available.

Additional characters abilities like laser, bomb, phantasm or teleport are also unlockable after reaching the required XP level. These techniques add a new dimension to the game and provide new ways to complete all levels in a shorter time.


Join the discord to seek for help or to discuss about the game: Discord:

Reporting bugs

If you find any bug, please report it in the BTT Bug Tracker.


Music by Ozzed (Licenced CC-BY 3.0) - Music by Eric Skiff (Licenced CC-BY 3.0) -

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