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When submitting a new score on a leaderboard, the player obtain a unique replay ID which can be shared to others players.

Example of a replay ID:


Sharing a Replay ID

Spectating a Replay ID


Discord Direct Spectating (Windows)

You can have the game to start and spectate a replay just by clicking a special link on Discord (or anywhere else).


However, you need to tell windows to handle these special links but don't worry, the procedure is easy:

Update: This is now a procedure automatic that be can done using "BTT URL SUPPORT" button in settings (2.3.x)
  1. Create a new file with the .reg extension (exemple: filename.reg)
  1. add these lines in the new created file using a text editor:

@="URL:BTT Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""



@="\"C:\\Users\\USERNAME\\Desktop\\BreakTheTargets\\BreakTheTargets.exe\" \"%1\""
  1. Modify carefully (keep the double slash \\ !) the last line accordingly to the game executable path.

( For Steam it can be something like C:\\SteamLibrary\\steamapps\\common\\Break The Targets\\BreakTheTargets.exe )

  1. Save the file
  2. Double clic on it, it should add the new entries on windows register.

To know if the procedure was successfull, you can clic on the following link, it should open the game and spectate this amazing replay!


This has only been tested on Windows 7