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Name Description Picture
I've been waiting for you. Complete the tutorial -<�r> ACH_UNLOCK_ZEREX_DESC ACH_UNLOCK_TRIBUTE_NAME -<�r> Unlock the Tribute Pack Wise spending -<�r> ACH_MISC_BUY_LEADERBOARD_REPLAY_NAME ACH_MISC_BUY_LEADERBOARD_REPLAY_DESC -<�r> Spread love everywhere you go Like a Community Level after completing it -<�r> ACH_BRONZE_PLANCK_DESC ACH_SILVER_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Reach the Silver I rank Gold - Planck -<�r> ACH_PLATINUM_PLANCK_NAME ACH_PLATINUM_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> Diamond - Planck Reach the Diamond I rank -<�r> ACH_CHALLENGER_PLANCK_DESC ACH_LEGEND_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Reach the Legend rank God - Planck -<�r> ACH_BRONZE_ZEREX_NAME ACH_BRONZE_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Silver - Zerex Reach the Silver I rank -<�r> ACH_GOLD_ZEREX_DESC ACH_PLATINUM_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Reach the Platinum I rank Diamond - Zerex -<�r> ACH_CHALLENGER_ZEREX_NAME ACH_CHALLENGER_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Legend - Zerex Reach the Legend rank -<�r> ACH_GOD_ZEREX_DESC ACH_UNLOCK_LASER_NAME -<�r> Unlock the Laser Illusion -<�r> ACH_UNLOCK_BOMP_NAME ACH_UNLOCK_BOMP_DESC -<�r> Through Space & Time Unlock Teleportation -<�r> ACH_COMMUNITY_SUBMIT_SCORE_PLANCK_DESC ACH_COMMUNITY_SUBMIT_LEVEL_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Submit a Community Level compatible with Planck A taste of my sword -<�r> ACH_COMMUNITY_SUBMIT_LEVEL_ZEREX_NAME ACH_COMMUNITY_SUBMIT_LEVEL_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Side Quest Collect your first Silver Bolt -<�r> ACH_SCREWS_165_DESC ACH_SCREWS_25_TRIBUTE_NAME -<�r> Collect every Silver Bolt in the Tribute Pack Feeling lucky -<�r> ACH_CARDS_150_NAME ACH_CARDS_150_DESC -<�r> Centurion Complete 100 levels -<�r> ACH_STATS_COMPLETED_500_DESC ACH_STATS_COMPLETED_1000_NAME -<�r> Complete 1000 levels Jerry3333’s Seal Of Approval -<�r> ACH_STATS_COMPLETED_5000_NAME ACH_STATS_COMPLETED_5000_DESC -<�r> Diagnosed with arthritis Complete 10,000 levels -<�r> ACH_STATS_DIED_1000_DESC ACH_STATS_TARGETS_500_NAME -<�r> Collect or destroy 500 targets in official levels Target Smash! -<�r> ACH_STATS_TARGETS_50000_NAME ACH_STATS_TARGETS_50000_DESC -<�r> Around the block Run 10km -<�r> ACH_STATS_1000KM_DESC ACH_STATS_25000KM_NAME -<�r> Run 25,000km World Traveler -<�r> ACH_STATS_ATTACK_1221_NAME ACH_STATS_ATTACK_1221_DESC -<�r> Klipspringer Perform 100,000 jumps -<�r> ACH_STATS_KILL_100_GOOM_DESC ACH_MISC_COMPLETE_WEEKLY_NAME -<�r> Complete a Weekly Challenge First Date -<�r> ACH_COMMUNITY_PLAY_DISCORD_10_NAME ACH_COMMUNITY_PLAY_DISCORD_10_DESC -<�r> Frenemies Made Along the Way Play 50 Discord Battles -<�r> ACH_COMMUNITY_PLAY_DISCORD_100_DESC ACH_COMMUNITY_WIN_DISCORD_NAME -<�r> Win a Discord Battle Dev’s worst nightmare -<�r> ACH_SNIPER_NAME ACH_SNIPER_DESC -<�r> Useless Complete level 102 without using the Jetpack -<�r> ACH_GOOMCARDS_DESC ACH_127ZEREXDAIR_NAME -<�r> Complete level 127 without touching the ground using only ‘Down Aerial Attack’ (Zerex) Love at first sight -<�r> ACH_PWJ_NAME ACH_PWJ_DESC -<�r> Flying Thunder God Perform a Bomb Teleportation (Zerex) -<�r> ACH_COMMUNITY_KINGOFKONG_DESC ACH_COMPLETE_140_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Complete every level Jogger - Planck -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_SILVER_MARATHON_PLANCK_NAME ACH_COMPLETE_SILVER_MARATHON_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> Adventurer - Planck Complete the Gold Marathon -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_PLATINUM_MARATHON_PLANCK_DESC ACH_COMPLETE_DIAMOND_MARATHON_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Complete the Diamond Marathon Marathoner - Planck -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_PLANCK_NAME ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> Brief Pleasure - Planck Complete each level of Tribute Pack Mode5 -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_RIDDLE_PLANCK_DESC ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_MARATHON_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Complete the Tribute Pack Marathon Believe you can and you're halfway there. - Zerex -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_BRONZE_MARATHON_ZEREX_NAME ACH_COMPLETE_BRONZE_MARATHON_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Sprinter - Zerex Complete the Silver Marathon -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_GOLD_MARATHON_ZEREX_DESC ACH_COMPLETE_PLATINUM_MARATHON_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Complete the Platinum Marathon Front Runner - Zerex -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_140_MARATHON_ZEREX_NAME ACH_COMPLETE_140_MARATHON_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Veteran - Zerex Complete each level of the Tribute Pack -<�r> ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_MODE5_ZEREX_DESC ACH_COMPLETE_TRIBUTE_RIDDLE_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Complete each level of Tribute Pack Riddle Rose Tinted Glasses - Zerex -<�r> ACH_4STARS_BRONZE_PLANCK_NAME ACH_4STARS_BRONZE_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> Silver Master - Planck Get 4 stars in every Silver level -<�r> ACH_4STARS_GOLD_PLANCK_DESC ACH_4STARS_PLATINUM_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in every Platinum level Diamond Master - Planck -<�r> ACH_4STARS_140_PLANCK_NAME ACH_4STARS_140_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> The Ultimate Challenge - Planck Get 4 stars in Marathon -<�r> ACH_4STARS_BRONZE_ZEREX_DESC ACH_4STARS_SILVER_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in every Silver level Gold Master - Zerex -<�r> ACH_4STARS_PLATINUM_ZEREX_NAME ACH_4STARS_PLATINUM_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Diamond Master - Zerex Get 4 stars in every Diamond level -<�r> ACH_4STARS_140_ZEREX_DESC ACH_4STARS_140_MARATHON_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in Marathon Honoring History - Planck -<�r> ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_MODE5_PLANCK_NAME ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_MODE5_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> The Floor Is Lava - Planck Get 4 stars in every Tribute Pack Riddle level -<�r> ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_MARATHON_PLANCK_DESC ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in every Tribute Pack level When’s sub 01:00 ? - Zerex -<�r> ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_RIDDLE_ZEREX_NAME ACH_4STARS_TRIBUTE_RIDDLE_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Fast And Furious - Zerex Get 4 stars in Tribute Pack Marathon -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_POWERSHIELD_PLANCK_DESC ACH_4STARS_MODE_RUNNING_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in Running Buster Mode Exhausting - Planck -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_CANON_PLANCK_NAME ACH_4STARS_MODE_CANON_PLANCK_DESC -<�r> Not ready to die - Planck Get 4 stars in Survival Mode -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_BUSTER_PLANCK_DESC ACH_4STARS_MODE_RANDOM_PLANCK_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in Random Mode One must rely on timing and skill - Zerex -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_RUNNING_ZEREX_NAME ACH_4STARS_MODE_RUNNING_ZEREX_DESC -<�r> Exhausting - Zerex Get 4 stars in Endurance Mode -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_CANON_ZEREX_DESC ACH_4STARS_MODE_SURVIVE_ZEREX_NAME -<�r> Get 4 stars in Survival Mode No time to waste - Zerex -<�r> ACH_4STARS_MODE_RANDOM_ZEREX_NAME ACH_4STARS_MODE_RANDOM_ZEREX_DESC -<�r>